Our gallery contains photographs of 1:24 scale trucks that  have been built to order by Kingdom trucks and often are copies of actual vehicles.  Using the highest of quality materials we can reproduce models with a high level of detail and authentic company liveries and can be used  as corporate or retirement gifts  or as a showpiece in the company board room and can be supplied in a custom made glass display case.

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If you have built a model using one of our cab kits we would love to see it and might include it in the gallery.

From Top Left: 
SCANIA 6x4 , DAF XF105  6x2, SCANIA 164. 2 views of a VOLVO fm 8x4 tipper using one of our own FM resin cabs. SCANIA 164 & a T580 topline, t cab looks the business. FORD dump truck, SCANIA 144 topline ordered by the owners wife. Scratch built LEYLAND BEAVER was interesting to build and a LEYLAND OCTOPUS built using a modified version of the Mandator cab. 
All models by Kingdom Trucks.



From Top Left:
First two show 2 TIPPERS built using modified KFS resin cabs.  2 views of a SCANIA CENTURION. A very much one of model an ERF C series using a much modified KFS E series cab, a LAD cab Dodge cattle truck. 2 views of a fantasy SCANIA 143 with extended sleeper cab. 4 views of some of the Maritime SCANIAs with scratch built sliding skeletal trailers, two views of a VOLVO FH and scratch built curt insider trailer, nice.
All models by Kingdom Trucks


From Top Left: 2 views of 2 favourite oldies an ATKINSON Borderer and  a GUY Big J both with scratch built trailers and fitted into glass cases.  2 DAF CF units with midlift axles and scratch built cross land milk tankers, much work, two views of another VOLVO FH this time with a scratch built bulk tipping trailer. 2 views of a RENAULT MAGNUM with step frame trailer. That old favourite a SCANIA 141, 2 VOLVO FM tippers, a GUY Big J,  Two views of a 7.5 tonne LEYLAND Roadrunner using a KFS Road train cab, an RUC Landrover. All Models by Kingdom Trucks. __________ ^up

From Top Left:
Another LANDROVER this time PSNI. 3 views of a 6x4 SCANIA with scratch built. FAYMONVILLEe 4 axle low loader.
DAF XF95, the next photos of models built using  Kingdom Trucks cab kits. 2 views of the test build LAD cab Leyland, and the same model kit built by Rob Morrison.
ERGO cab Albion by expert model maker Charlie Trace. Top model built by Neil Shayler.
2 AEC Mandators built by Paul May, and a super detailed AEC again from Charlie Trace superb.


From Top Left:
several shots of a VOLVO F10 Globetrotter and a SCANIA 140 followed by a LEYLAND REIVER and the the test build model of the Leyland G cab kit, a midlift MERCEDES ACTROS with Scratchbuilt megacube trailer, another LEYLAND REIVER, and a SCAMMELL ROUTEMAN using a KFS cab kit.


Excellent LAD cab conversion to DODGE variant by Mr John Sinclair on the Isle of Lewis with new cab grille & excellent wheel arches. Test build pics of our CK1a ERF low roof kits with twin steer conversion.

Built to order HINO HE with additional scratch built parts. Built to order restored WALLS DENNISON fitted with split RMS. AEC MANDATOR with fully scratch built chassis, body, & DENNISON drawbar trailer.

3 photos of a BEDFORD MK 4x4 built to order for an officer in the Irish army.

1, 2 & 3 built to order VOLVO FM fuel tanker with our resin cab kit and Scratchbuilt tanker and fittings.
4 & 5 plain and simple PETERBILT 377 with moved forward front axle and day cab conversion.
6 & 7 our GUY big J kit built by Mr Andy Lee. Best in Show Gaydon 2011.
8 HINO HE built to order.
9 & 10 SCANIA 143 with tag axle conversion.
11 pick up painted with nail varnish and floor varnish, cool.
12 & 13 built to order MAN TGX and Trailer.
14 Our ERF EC kit built by Gareth Mat.
15 Our FM kit built by NZ model maker Ken Smith.

1. Volvo FM fuel tanker 1. Volvo FM fuel tanker 1. Volvo FM fuel tanker 11. Pick-up 12. MAN TGX 12. MAN TGX ERF EC kit FM kit

16 & 17 GUY Big J TIPPER.
18 & 19 GUY Big J SLEEPER conversion by Charlie Trace.
20, 21 & 22 AEC Mammoth Major tipper.
23 Gareth Mays LEYLAND REIVER.
24 & 25
Unusual HINO TC conversion with Scratchbuilt DENNISON trailer.
26 Our GUY Big J kit by Wullie Carlton.
27 Our HINO HE kit by Darren Weldon.




1. Volvo FM fuel tanker 1. Volvo FM fuel tanker 1. Volvo FM fuel tanker 11. Pick-up 12. MAN TGX